Where is your focus?

Let’s talk about the Flutter Kick. Lay on your back, pull those feet up, and show the world how quickly you can shuffle those bad boys around. That’s what it looks like most of the time at least. Instead, I think it should be the following:  lay on your back, flex the low back to remove any gap between it and the floor, being alternating kicking your feet up and down as low and as high as you can without your low back creating space. Now, instead of showing the world how quickly I can move my feet, I’m focused on creating the correct amount of abdominal pressure for this workout to benefit me.

Focusing on the wrong things

Today I’m not worried about the flutter kick, instead let’s talk about the things we put our focus towards or pay attention to. Whether you are the coach or the athlete it’s easy to focus on the wrong things in the gym, let’s take a look. 

Let’s look at it from the direction of writing or following a strength program. Do you pay a lot of attention to reps and percentages? If so, why? Are you still looking for the perfect rep scheme? The absolute best way to progress in the shortest amount of time? Regardless of coach or athlete this is an incredibly easy trap to fall into. (A lot of people do it with macros in nutrition also… if only I can find the perfect macro distribution!) Instead of worrying about whether you can throw the 2.5’s on let’s take a real look at the positions you can hit. To hit the 4th rep do we see a collapse in technique? In your 5th metcon of the week is your intensity there or are you slugging through it?  If so the work is now pointless anyway. Worry about the positions you can hit and the signals you send to your body during the workout and in recovery, you’ll get way further along. 


Another angle on the nutrition side is focusing on the all of the challenges to come ahead instead of your next meal. I hear constantly that someone can’t start eating a certain way because a birthday party is coming up in two weeks, a holiday, a graduation, a fill-in-the-blank. Who cares! Break your diet on that day, go crazy if you want. Those days are usually few and far between, focus on your next meal. Your next choice of an item to consume should be well thought out, but doesn’t have to be the best. If you make the choice to go for the better, not the best – the healthier not the healthiest item at your next meal you are well on your way to changing your life. 

Stop focusing on what you can’t do and focus on doing the next thing you can do. Don’t worry about the weight on the bar, focus on how you move the bar. Let’s pay attention to the correct things and good things will come. 

Not sure where to start?

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