What is Fitness Pt. 2

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a lion or a gazelle, when the sun comes up you better be running”

Chris McDougal – Born to Run

Certain days coaching I’d feel like testing the limits when we were running. No one seems to enjoy running so amid the complaints I’d offer up how we’ve been running for two million years and without the ability we wouldn’t have made it. Much like not wrapping your thumbs around the bar when doing pull-ups or TTB (opposable thumbs is another reason for our Human success) I can’t understand why we neglect something that is literally Human, but I digress.  

If I was honest with myself and wrote down my favorite 10-20 things to do any given day running probably doesn’t make the list. That doesn’t mean I don’t do it. Budgeting, investing for the future and eating vegetables also don’t make that list but I do those as well. Now, I do understand and accept the fact that doing those things – including running – will eventually lead to success and that success will give me a dopamine dump and that dopamine dump makes everything ok if ever so fleeting. 

However that’s not the point of this blog – this blog is about how to fuel your life with fitness. It’s been a little while since we did as regularly but Kelsey and I enjoy travel. Something we always seem to find ourselves doing on these travels is walking, even if its not known for being a walking city or a very welcoming season… 

While not always in a gym fitness has been a bedrock of our relationship. Here are a few photos of where we celebrated our engagement.

It has allowed us to see parts of the world that only fitness and effort allow for. It also gives us a shared passion in searching for capabilities in the gym. The shared times we have where no words are shared means bonds are created that go deeper than language. When it is constructed in a gym we can create environments to test ourselves and our relationship creating a partnership stronger than the stress we impose on ourselves. It’s also given us chances to share with family in a competitive but community first environment.

Fitness was so important to us that we made it our lives work. Fitness isn’t all about how you look, how you perform, or if you know what the difference between a TTB and TGU is. Fitness is about the above – about fulfilling what it is to be human and sharing that experience with others. Your health is important and getting to the gym is definitely important to support that but it can also be so much more. What is it you want to get out of life? If it has anything to do with being Human having more fitness will help. 

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