Expression of Physicality 

Physicality – how we relate to the body

Blog by Jonathan Royston, Picture by Logan Moore

Before we get into the physical and mental expression of physicality, I want to point out one thing about the three metabolic pathways. If you have a hole in your physical training you can fix it the quickest by seeing what you’re NOT doing. If all I ever do is 45+ minute workouts, I will lose my ability to be intense. If all I ever do is live below 12 minute workouts, all I have is intensity, and once that burns out I have nothing. Balance is key in life and definitely key in your training.

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Now, are you aware of the emotional states you put yourself into with exercise? Maybe a better question for everyone here, are you ever aware of the expression your emotional state?

Intensity vs Elation

If you watch someone perform a one-rep max attempt at a powerlifting meet there is a ton of screaming and slapping before the attempt and after if it was successful. It’s ego-driven, loud, and in your face. Just like a one-rep max should be. Now, picture the person finishing their best ever marathon run. They usually raise their heads and hands to the sky before falling to their knees. Many times there are tears involved. I rarely see a powerlifter cry after their attempt nor do I see a marathon runner beat their chest upon finishing the race. Their expression differs.

Personally I know what both of these items feel like. The expression of excitement of standing up the heavy deadlift and the “out-of-nowhere” rush of emotions upon completing a marathon. I wouldn’t give up either item. I also believe that it was through these items I began to understand my mental states outside of the gym.

High Intensity Lifestyle

To speak of my own life a little I come from the world of high-intensity. Most of my fitness career was spent doing CrossFit WODs at full speed and lifting as heavy as possible. I had a chill job and this was my release. Now after running the gym for two years I understand what stress is (I don’t have children but for you who do I imagine you also know this feeling). What can happen when you can’t escape. I’m not talking about casual stress. I’m talking about losing sleep, not having the ability to eat, massive loss of hair, etc. if you’ve found yourself in this spot, you know the feeling.

Breaking Point

While I was experiencing this stress, I kept working out hard and guess what, I kept injuring myself. Finally I did it to the point of having to stop everything but the bike, so I began to endure again. It took 2-3 months but finally I realized that this training was helping me cope and move forward. Fast forward to the last few months, things at work got a little better which means less stress. So I’ve started bringing back high-intensity work but now things are interesting. When I hit that wall of intensity I’m put back into how it felt when things weren’t good. It makes me feel like everything is on fire again and there is no way forward, but guess what? I always make it through and am able to safely deal with these mental states in the gym rather than in my job or life.

Making a change

Whether we are struggling mentally or physically we can use exercise to help us move forward. If life is stressful we may need to lose some intensity in the gym. If life seems too easy, bring on the intensity! if you don’t know which of them you need, start with the one you’re ignoring… Book a Free Intro here

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