The #1 Excuse to not go to the Gym

Excuse:  The reasons you give yourself as to “why” you can’t do something. 

You are preventing your success because you tell yourself you can’t do (fill in the blank) right now.

The most common excuse we hear as to why someone can’t start is, “I need to be in shape before I go to the gym”. We understand that beginning at a new gym is overwhelming. Any change, especially one as big as taking charge of your health, is going to come with natural resistance.

The fact is, change is hard. We want to stay the same even if there is motivation to improve. Sometimes it is easier to be miserable and stay the same than it is to be uncomfortable and change. This is what makes new habits so so difficult to stick with. 

Dissent Athletics is where adults of Fort Worth go to take an hour to not think and overcome an excuse. To stop living up the to the expectations of their families, their jobs, their families, and focus on the one thing in their control at that moment. 


We do not expect you to know how to do everything or be an all-star athlete. We don’t expect you to know all the lingo or have the name brand gear. What we do expect is that you show up for yourself. That you choose to leave ego at the door and come into a place without self-judgment. 

Here’s how we help

  1. Start with a conversation:  You will never be just thrown into a class. We fully believe in the importance of understanding who you are as an individual. We need to know the person you are and the goals you have before we can take any next steps.
  2. Get an individualized plan: Now that we know your goals, we promise to provide you with a recommendation that will get you to those goals the fastest.
  3. Schedule your first appointment: You start one-on-on. With your coach you will get undivided attention which has been proven to decrease stress levels and improve your confidence. During this time you will meet other members of the gym and get some high fives from coaches.
  4. Reach your goals: It takes around 3 months for you to notice changes, and 6 months for others to begin to notice. We let you know this because it may take a few months to reach the end of your goals, BUT we promise you will hit many goals along the way that you didn’t know you wanted to accomplish.

Make a choice

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