Suns out, Buns out: Movements to Improve Glutes

As summer approaches it means hotter temperatures and likely some shorts to beat the heat! This can mean more attention to your buns. We have put together 3 movements that you can do to get your backside toned up for summer.

Hip Circles

  • Start on all 4’s
  • Bring one knee to chest
  • Knee out to the side
  • Kick leg out behind you
  • Repeat
  • Switch directions
  • Feel the burn

Goblet Lunges

  • Grab a kettlebell, dumbbell, or stick with body weight
  • Place weight in the front rack position or bring hands together in front of chest for bodyweight
  • Start with feet under hips
  • Step back with one leg
  • Touch knee to the ground
  • Bring feet back together
  • Switch sides
  • Keep back straight up and down at all times to avoid injury
  • Torch the glutes and quads

Wallballs or jump squats

Weighted Option

  • Get medicine ball
  • Put medicine ball in front of face
  • Perform a squat
  • As you stand up, release the medicine ball using the power in your legs to hit a target
  • Catch ball
  • Back into a squat
  • Repeat

Un-weighted option

  • Start with feet outside of shoulder or in your squat position
  • Complete squat
  • As you stand up, using the power in your legs, jump as high as you can
  • As you land, return to a squat position
  • Repeat
  • Roast the buns

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