Stress: It’s what’s for lunch

Stress during lunch breaks is a common issue. I hear people getting sucked into the “but I will get to leave early if I just do this one thing on my lunch break!” Even more commonly I hear, “I just work through lunch. I don’t even get hungry”.


I want to bring your attention to how you feel around 3-5 pm if you skip lunch or work while eating lunch. Usually hanger sets in (angry due to being hungry). We are less productive, more irritable, and not set up for a successful last half of the work day. That then bleeds into the drive home or task switching to home life if you work from home. Being irritable while driving or trying to spend family time is not a mixture for success. 

If this sounds like you, try out some of the mindful eating tips below. 15 minutes out of your day to eat a meal without distractions improves your digestion, understanding of hunger cues, and mood. 

Steps for Practicing Mindful Eating 

  • Create a positive eating environment—eat at a table (avoid the couch, bed, desk, or standing up)
  • Think about your physical hunger and fullness before, during, and after the meal 
  • Limit distractions (cell phone scrolling, Netflix watching, or working)
  • Take time to chew and taste your food
  • ENJOY! Spend meal time catching up and spending time with family and friends

Nutrition Coaching

Stress reduction through mindful eating is just one of the strategies we use as Nutrition coaches to aid our clients. This is one of the many ways we help you feel happier and healthier. Check out our nutrition page here and book your intro today!

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