Strength Training

Athlete Hector, Picture by Logan Moore

We have covered the different metabolic pathways, how we can use them, train them, and how they make us feel physically or emotionally. This could have raised the question, “Why do we strength train? If intensity alone puts you into one heart rate zone or another what’s the point of additional weight?”


Adding weight to our frame by way of vest/ruck, or using an external weighted object such as Dumbbells, Kettle bells , Barbells, and Medicine balls stress our natural movement patters. What are natural movement patterns?

Natural Movement Patterns

So in natural movement we can only really do a few things; we can lift items off of the floor, we can squat, and we can press. Think about what you do in your every day life. You probably do all of these items multiple times a day! We want to stress these movement patterns with weight to strengthen our frame and joints at end range-of-motion.

So we already do these motions and we want to control or moderate intensity, so we strength train. Adding weight by definition raises intensity, therefore removing the weight and doing the same means less intensity. If all things are the same we always want lower intensity – this means we have more to give when is needed.

Athletes Tory and Melissa, Picture by Logan Moore

Core to Extremity

Yes, we do twist and jump and other items as well. To avoid getting too into the weeds know that training the basic 3 strength movements (lift, squat, press) strengthens our core-to-extremity. Our core controls our ability to twist, therefore training the other items protects us from or while twisting.

Next week we will look at rep ranges in strength training and why we do heavy and light items both. Until then, check out our online programming page to learn how a individualized weightlifting program can improve your workouts.

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