Smoothies: Good for you or harmful?

Smoothies! Today we are talking about smoothies! Promoted as the healthy alternative or the “meal replacement”. Where I would like to start is, they aren’t THAT good for you. I’d go as far as to argue that most of them aren’t even healthy. 

So what are smoothies good for? They’re convenient when in a rush, they’re very tasty, and an efficient way to mainline sugar straight into your veins. Basically, most smoothies are dessert and you’ll get a lot further on your nutrition journey by viewing them as such. 


We could go a few different directions on this one but the last thing I would like to discuss is smoothie “detoxes”. In a consultation I was told “I don’t need nutrition help, I can do a smoothie detox once every 6 months and lose all the weight I need to”. First, weight is only one part of this life and your health. There is countless research showing rapid weight loss to only gain the weight back does crazy things to our fat cells – making them harder to then burn and remove. Second, and most important, health can’t be done in 7-day sprints. While we wish the answer was that easy, nothing in life worth having can be achieved in 7-days, it’s daily consistent action. 

To put this into perspective,  if you think that going on a 7 day smoothie detox is good for your health it is the same in my opinion as cutting off your toes so that we don’t stub them on the nightstand next time you get into bed… We can’t remove things or put ourselves into a bad situation to get better. Smoothies aren’t all that good for you. 

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