What is a routine?

If you want to hit the easy button on the way to success in any endeavor routines are there to help you do just that. A routine is a behavior or set or behaviors performed at a regular interval. Then there are macro or micro routines, think “this summer I’m going to the gym at 6am to avoid the heat” that’s a macro-routine. Micro-routines would be your wake up time, breakfast, and a 5 minute bike before class starts. 

What’s the purpose of a routine?

Routines do a few things for us. They can help us stay accountable in the macro sense by having the ability to plan. In the micro sense “going through the motions” gets us out of what ever mental state we were in and puts us in a focused mood towards the task. 

Benefits to a routine?

So why would you want to implement routines? Accountability, ability to plan, long term goal-commitment. If you are trying to change, there will be discomfort. Growth and comfort exist on the same spectrum, just different sides. Having a routine tied to the hard or new task gives us a cheat code to get into this new thing. It can be hard to sit down and write 500 words a day, or meditate, or go to the gym and exercise. But, if my routine is to pack my gym bag, drink some water, and listen to my favorite tunes on the way to the gym I’ll always have that part to look forward to. 

If you’re having a hard time getting any new habit to stick, try setting up a simple and easy routine around it. Allowing yourself to be “present” is the goal, routines can help get us there faster. Want to try to start an exercise routine? Free chats can be booked here.

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