Red Flag: 3 Real Reasons you need a Nutrition Coach

Red Flag #1:

You are relieving stress or difficult emotions with food

In a popular new comedy special on Netflix by Taylor Tomlinson she describes getting bad news from her dad and that this happened after he told her to put down her bagel. This created the belief that if you just don’t stop eating then no one can tell you bad news. While that food provides some temporary relief, it often leads to overeating which causes guilt and GI distress.

Nutrition Coach: We provide help with managing stress and emotions by changing behaviors. Your coach provides a safe place to call/text when you are reaching for your comfort food. Just by making that phone call or sending that text you are reaching out for support in a time of stress which helps release oxytocin (your love hormone) and proves to yourself your are not alone.

Red Flag #2:

You forget to eat

You are BUSY. Work takes over most of your day. You start your day off with coffee and a protein bar as your “breakfast” and before you know it, it is 6pm and you are angry at the car in front of you. 

Nutrition Coach: Accountability! Our coaches will be sure you are actually eating through weekly check ins or even daily texts to remind you to take a break and eat the lunch you have been missing.

Red Flag #3:

Your doctor said so

Do you take medications for blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or are on the way to? Your doctor stating your need for “lifestyle changes” is pretty broad and not helpful.

Nutrition Coach: We provide what “lifestyle changes” will actually work for you. This can be an exercise program along with a meal plan. “Lifestyle changes” can involve new behaviors such as a sleep routine, gratitude journaling, breathing exercises, etc.

Red Flags can be hard to spot, but if any of these sound like you…. It is time for a nutrition coach. Click the link below to set up your FREE  first consultation to see how we can help!

Tune in later this week to read what benefits our nutrition clients have experienced!

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