Pull-ups: 3 exercises to start doing

Pull-ups are one of the main goals we hear from our members about wanting to accomplish. It is a really cool feeling to move your own body weight from point A to point B. Take a look at things you need to start doing if you want to get a pull-up!

Increase body awareness

Bird dogs: Start on all fours. Extend the opposite hand and opposite leg out while squeezing glutes and core. This exercise ignites the core stability needed. Need more of a challenge? Start in a plank position!

Improve Lat control

Lat pull downs: Start with a PVC pipe and resistance band. Arms will be straight up overhead and pull down to your chest. This exercise builds up the muscles and movement of a pull-up without holding yourself from the bar.

Increase shoulder strength

Banded shoulders: Using a resistance band, complete 10 pass throughs, 10 pull aparts, and 10 diagonal pulls. Try this for 3 rounds and your shoulders will be on FIRE!

None of these movements are fancy. None of these movements are even pull-ups! It is more about understanding your body and how to contract muscles at the right time than strength.  While we do pull-ups in our group fitness classes regularly, it takes work outside of class. Start with the fundamentals! Head over to our personal training page to book a time to see how skill sessions can get you to your goal!

Skill sessions are 30 minutes of specific training focused on one goal. Pull-ups and other gymnastics movements can tax the core and hands if you are hanging on the bar too long. These exercises are all going to build up your core without wearing out your hands! Click the link to start working towards your goals today!

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