Pregnancy and Fitness

Dissent Athletics Members supporting Tory and Mayra with a pregnancy workout

Pregnancy is a fantastic and scary thing all at one time. It is definitely a life changing experience but what does that mean when it comes to fitness and nutrition? 

Here are some concerns I hear from soon to be moms:

Is it safe to workout while pregnant?

What should I expect from my body while pregnant?

How do I keep up with nutrition while pregnant?

All of these are valid concerns. Much of the media states that once you get pregnant, well, that’s it for your fitness. You should “take it easy” for the next 9 months for safety. I am here to tell you that having a baby is probably one of the most physically demanding things your body will ever go through. You are literally growing another human inside of your body that will end up outside of your body. 

Not being involved in any sort of fitness while pregnant is like showing up to a marathon without even running a mile beforehand. 

Is it safe to workout while pregnant?

Are all types of exercise safe to do while pregnant? No, but there are many movements you CAN do to help you get ready for labor.

  • Improve strength in your pelvic floor muscles
  • Develop a stronger core
  • Increase body control and awareness
  • Elevate your confidence going into labor
  • Learning to breathe through movements

What should I expect from my body while pregnant?

  • Increased fatigue
  • Possible mood swings
  • Constipation
  • Shortness of breath

Exercise and nutrition helps improve all of these areas! Many of us experience these symptoms even if we are not pregnant. Exercise and nutrition are important through all phases of life.

How do I keep up with my nutrition while pregnant?

You have different nutritional needs while pregnant, but that does not permit a nutrition free for all. Different trimesters have different focuses and caloric needs based on what part of development your baby is at. Nutrition Coaching is available here

You don’t have to do this alone

We are here to support you! Fitness and nutrition goals can seem unattainable while pregnant but we are here to help. We have knowledgeable coaches to provide you with safe modifications based on where you are at in your pregnancy and current fitness level. 

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