Phosphocreatine Pathway – Metabolic Pathways Part 3

Phosphocreatine Pathway

The Phosphocreatine Pathway is the last and most powerful of the pathways. This pathway gives us only about :10 of power but it provides the fastest, most intense expression of energy our bodies can muster. Think of a 1 rep max attempt or a 100 yard dash. These movements demand you to be quick and explosive.

Athlete Brooks going for a 1 rep max back squat


The only other thing I would like to mention here is supplementing with Creatine. Creatine is the energy source in this pathway. The difficulty of physical training today is more than what our bodies were used to, therefore we cannot create enough creatine on our own. This is why so many people supplement with creatine. I will be the first one to say most supplements are dumb and not needed but Creatine is one of the first of any supplements I recommend someone to take.

Recovery Time

Something we haven’t talked about is recovery periods when training. It breaks down to roughly the below:

Phosphocreatine pathway – 1:6 (work : rest)

Glycolytic pathway – 1:3

Aerobic pathway – 1:1

When we switch to another pathway, like from phosphocreatine to glycolytic, we begin resting. This allows the phosphocreatine pathway to continue rest and restore energy. The more we train these pathways the easier it is to move between them. Resting and recovering the pathway, and creating “capacity” within ourselves. More to come on these topics, next week we will look at why we train all of these items together.

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