Nutrition Coaching: 8 Benefits to Maximize your Health

Growing up we have coaches for all sorts of things. Tee ball, basketball, swimming, math, piano, etc. But at some point that stops. We get older and more independent. The coaches begin to fall off as we get less interested in spending time on our hobbies. Nutrition coaching may be something you have never thought about before.

What do coaches help with?

  • Encouragement: they are there if you need a few kind words
  • Support: they provide a listening ear when you are struggling
  • Safety: they make sure you are doing the things the right way
  • Accountability: they make sure you are doing the thing at all
  • Promote collaboration: they hear your ideas
  • Teaching: they make sure you understand
  • Goal setting: they help you make achievable goals
  • Celebrate: they praise you when you accomplish those goals

Sounds great right?? We could all use someone in our lives with these attributes. At Dissent Athletics we believe it is important to have coaching for fitness but also for Nutrition. There is so much information out there. How are you supposed to know what works for you and what should be left out?

Here’s what our Nutrition Coaching helps with:

  • Encouragement: remind you why you are doing this in the first place
  • Support: text and call response when you are struggling with a food choice
  • Safety: create an environment to talk about pain points
  • Accountability: check ins to make sure you are actually eating
  • Promote collaboration: listen to your thoughts on what foods you are willing and unwilling to part with 
  • Teaching: provide resources to help you understand the differences between foods
  • Goal setting: discuss goals that are realistic 
  • Celebrate: point our your bright spots and maybe even provide a happy dance

Still on the fence if you could benefit from nutrition coaching?

Read a little from our clients

Nutrition and Group Fitness client


“The biggest challenge was not having accountability so staying consistent was very hard. Knowing that someone was checking on me each week and even each day sometimes helped me commit to my nutrition goals. I had lost 5-6 pounds at first but then I got pregnant 🙂 and this has been very helpful to me while being pregnant to keep me on track from not gaining too much weight and making sure I am eating the right things to stay healthy.  Last pregnancy I gained 50 pounds and it was very hard afterwards to lose the weight.  This time it has been very helpful to have accountability to stick with my goals and someone to encourage and push me. Accountability is key.  Sticking to a nutrition plan without someone to help you track progress and encourage you is very very hard.  Why not try it, you have nothing to lose.  I have never regretted having a nutrition coach, it has only been beneficial to me.”

Coaches Kelsey and Jonathan helping Wendy out with the rower


“Dissent Wellness Coaching is excellent! They provided me with help establishing goals for daily macros/calories to lose weight and helped me focus on overall wellness, not just weight loss. I had weekly check-ins with my coach and access to advice or help daily if needed – my coach was always just a text away and responded promptly! I highly recommend Dissent Athletics for nutrition coaching as well as personal training and group fitness classes!”

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