New Members in April at Dissent Athletics

As April 2022 comes to an end, we want to celebrate our new members joining our community and those adding new services to achieve their goals faster! Whether you need a fitness trainer, nutrition coach, add in personalized programming, or a combo, we have a plan for you. A consultation is free and will allow us to explore a prescription to achieve your goals in a timely manner! Come see us, click here to schedule your appointment.


“I have been following your Instagram posts, stories and blog posts for awhile. I know that you have a different approach to nutrition than what I have experienced with other programs. I know that when I eat well, I fell well. I don’t need someone to give me macros and let me go but rather walk beside me. Tracking numbers can be stressful and obsessive for me, I found myself feeling bad when reviewing numbers with previous coaches. Jonathan and his team at Dissent Athletics understand the training and ruck/military endurance events I take on. I have big physical challenges ahead, and need a change of schedule that will help me fuel my machine.”


“I chose programming, in addition to group fitness, because as someone who is in constant competition with myself, Hyrox showed a giant “opportunity for improvement” in my fitness journey. I have always been great at quick burst of energy for competition and sports. This is probably why my favorite CF workout is Grace, but that does not help with movement over time.”


“I chose Jonathan and Dissent Athletics for my personal training and nutrition coaching because I heard about their effectiveness and personal touch with clients. I am learning how to incorporate healthier food choices without starving myself or having totally bland meals. I am having great success with my choice!”


“I joined dissent athletics because it’s a fun place where people actually work with you. They show you how to properly do the exercises and use the equipment. I don’t feel overwhelmed and anxious when going there.”


“It was the next step for me to take. The goal is creating healthier eating habits to improve my performance at the gym and all aspects of my life.”

Srilokh and Neeharika

“Recently married and moved to the Metroplex Srilokh and Neeharika knew they wanted to challenge themselves all while becoming healthier. So far they’ve finished Integration and will be joining Group Fitness Classes this week! We are very excited to have them join our community – oh yeah they also just got their first puppy!!”

Joe Galvan

“I have goals of squatting 400 pounds so alongside doing group classes for camaraderie and community I’m starting personalized programming to get my legs strong”

Whether you’re an experienced health and fitness junkie or looking for a way to get started we can help you. It all starts with the willingness to change…

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