Joining a New Gym: 4 Things to Look for

Joining a new gym can be SCARY. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has a massive amount of gyms to choose from. So how do you know which one will fit you? We have laid out 4 things to look for when joining a new gym.

Is there a process to get you comfortable?

Many gyms are lacking in this area. They take your money and never talk with you again. At Dissent Athletics there is a process to help improve your comfortability and integration into the gym. We start out with a No Sweat Intro which is a 1:1 conversation with a coach to understand your goals and needs. Next, our members go through our integration period. 4 30 minute sessions 1:1 with a coach. This improves your ability to set a routine, learn new movements, revisit old ones, and make sure you are moving safely. During your integration you also meet other members and coaches before being fully immersed. After integration, you will be contacted regularly by our Client Success Manager and start goal review sessions to make sure you are accomplishing what you set out to achieve!

Coach Ashley celebrating a member graduating Integration

Is it Coach led?

You can get access ANYWHERE for cheap, however, we believe only having access to a gym isn’t enough to reach your goals of losing weight, lifting more, or getting comfortable in your own skin. If you only have access to a gym you are less likely to go. Having knowledgeable and certified coaches onsite to guide you improves your safety and adds jet fuel to reaching your goals. As an athlete at Dissent Athletics you don’t pay for access, you pay for coaching.

Coach Melissa helping Member Hector with core strength

What do their members say?

Read reviews!! The best perspective is from the members themselves. Are other people having a good experience? Are you seeing happy faces? Having a good community with a positive vibe is crucial when looking to join a new gym. Trust that feeling you get when you walk in. 

Members after a TOUGH workout on Memorial day

Will they keep you accountable?

Again, many gyms will be glad to take your money and hope you never actually come in to use their services or equipment. We not only WANT you to come in, we believe it is our job to HELP you come in. Once we find out what your goals are, it then becomes our mission to help you get there. Not only do our Coaches and Client Success Manager reach out to you to check in on progress but other members will as well! Don’t show up to a class you regularly attend? You better believe one of your classmates will be asking where you are!

Jonathan and Kelsey Royston owners of Dissent Athletics
Owners Kelsey and Jonathan excited to meet you

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