Holiday Nutrition Kickstart

Why invest in a nutrition kickstart?

The Holidays are coming up and I’m sure some of you can already feel the pressure of attempting to say no to some of the treats and sweets that will begin showing up at your offices and homes. From your kid’s Halloween candy to Office Christmas parties, there will be a temptation for everyone.

So let’s get out ahead of it.

Starting October 18th our Holiday Kickstart begins. The goal of this kickstart is not to restrict you from enjoying your holiday favorites but to help give you the tools to spend time with loved ones without the heavy focus on what you can and cannot eat.

Who is this kickstart for?

  1. Do you struggle to maintain healthy eating habits during the holidays such as binging or restricting?
  2. Does your mental health decline around the holidays leading to stress eating or a lack of appetite?
  3. Do office parties end with you making poor choices you regret the next day?
  4. Are you stealing your kid’s Halloween candy?
  5. Do you want to take ownership of your nutrition and feel secure in your habits as we end the year?

If you said YES to any of these questions, then this kickstart is for you.

What do you get?

  • A 20 minute introduction interview to discuss goals with a nutrition coach
  • Access to a private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Challenges plus tips on how to establish healthy eating habits
  • Accountability in the form of check-ins, community, and engaging content
  • A 20 minute exit interview to discuss how to keep these new found habits going forward

Whether you want to hone in on specific habits or just feel more in control of your daily life, let me know. We are ready to help you kickstart your fitness!

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