Gyms are INTIMIDATING: Member Spotlight

Meet Hayden

“My name is Hayden Dubios. For work I am an Industrial Organizational Psychologist. I specialize in diversity, equity, and inclusion training and I’m also a second year doctoral student working on my PhD in Business Management. My wife and I have been together for actually 4 years next month. We have 2 rescue pups, Brooks and Poppy. They are massive great pyrenes like 150 and 130, so I can squat them which is the most important thing.”

How long have you been a member at Dissent?

“I have been at Dissent for actually almost 2 years. I think like just shy of 2 years.”

What or who brought you to Dissent?

“Google brought me to Dissent! I was looking for a new gym at kind of like the start of COVID when everything shut down and I knew CrossFit gyms tend to be in something wide open and were less likely to shut down. I googled gyms and Dissent came up. The more I read in, I was like I really enjoy the idea of a community. Kind of on a lazy note, the idea of not having to create my own workouts anymore was really exciting. At the end of the day you have just enough energy to get to the gym, so not having to do any work beyond that was very enticing.”

What was it like getting started?

“It wasn’t intimidating like I thought it would be. I really thought going from just like a normal gym like Anytime Fitness or something to a CrossFit gym would be kind of scary. Like in my brain there were just like really built, buff people just lifting this massive amount of weight. I walked in and everyone was just like me. Everyone was just at the end of their work day just trying to get in a little movement, have some fun with their friends. It was really warm and welcoming. I just felt at home really quickly.”

Hayden is a group training member. Check our our group fitness page to learn more here

How do you handle your busy work schedule?

“It’s hit or miss. That has been a journey the past few years. I have been here has been trying to figure out how to make it all work. What ended up working for me the most was just being flexible with myself and showing myself grace. I tried to build a schedule out and show up to the same time every day. My work is really unpredictable. My workload shifts a lot. I finally got to a point where I just as long as I was showing up and doing the work. Sometimes I’m here at the 5 am class, the 6pm class, or sometimes it’s open gym. I just got to a point where as long as I show up and get the work in allowing it to be flexible.”

What are some of your accomplishments?

“Since I’ve been at Dissent, my deadlift has gone from about175 to 305. This was super exciting and I’ve run a half marathon. So, 2 things I did not think I would ever do. I don’t think I’ll run a marathon or another half but I at least got to a point where I was able to do it and check the box.”

Advice for someone starting their fitness journey

“I would say just show up. That’s the easiest thing I love about Dissent is if you just show up and you have a coachable mindset, everyone else will take care of it. A coach will lead you through. There’s Kelsey, Jonathan, Ashley, Mel and everyone in this really big, supportive team that will take care of everything else. You just have to show up. You have to get in the door. Just be ready to work.”

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