From Workout DVDs to CrossFit

Meet coach Lindsay

Lindsay is a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist during the day and in the early morning hours, she is a Dissent Coach. Lindsay has coached for Dissent Athletics for a little over a year. She brings knowledge of weightlifting and movement along with a positive attitude for our morning crew.

Q: What pushed you to become a coach?

“The desire to help people experience the sensation of achieving more than they had previously the way that I did because that was really life changing for me, so I wanted to be able to pass that on to other people. I wanted to be a coach at Dissent because weightlifting is something here that is a part of our programming and personally something I am really passionate about. I was excited to be able to step in to a role there. Also, feeling like this group of people is the group of people that I want to be around and a part of in terms of a gym family. Just all the pieces really came together”

Q: What started your fitness journey?

“My fitness journey really began in 2012. At that point in time I didn’t really have feeling that I had power over my life. That I could really choose a direction that I went. Some of that comes based on my upbringing but I was actually about 10 pounds heavier than I am now. I started doing Jillian Michaels workout DVDs in my living room and after that I realized that I have the power to make choices that influence where I go in life. If I can change my body, then I can change other things about my life. That feeling was really empowering and I just held onto that. I got into CrossFit in 2015 because I wanted to experience the community that CrossFit has to offer and have not looked back since then.”

Q: What are your current goals?

“My current goals are to fill my areas of weakness as an athlete to work on the things I’m not so great at so I can stop complaining about how much they suck. So I am trying to work on those things. Currently, looking towards the open and hopefully qualifying for quarterfinals for the first time. Then, hopefully competing in weightlifting again at some point.”

Is Lindsay currently taking new personal training clients?

She sure is! Lindsay has availability to take on 3 new people. These people are wanting to improve comfortability with weightlifting movements and are ready to make a change. In her words, “I think you should stop thinking about it and just do it”. One small step each day adds up to big goals. Schedule an appointment here to book a session with Coach Lindsay.

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