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The Holderby Family

Family first. Dissent Athletics has been lucky enough to have two families this month begin the process of bringing littles into the world. When people say, “It takes a village” there is no better village than the Dissent Athletics Community.

Many gyms barely know, or care, if you show up. We not only care if you are showing up, but we care about your life outside of the 1 hour a day you spend on fitness.

The Moore Family

Is anything more important than your own health?

Coach Jonathan asked this question to social media the other day. Here are some responses we received.

“My child’s health”


“Providing for my family”

We were hearing a big common theme. FAMILY! To these responses, we posed another question.

“If your health was the most important thing, then wouldn’t your famliy, relationships, or how you are able to provide for them improve?”

And the answer is

YES! We often get caught up, especially as parents, that other’s needs must come before your own. You MUST sacrifice in order to provide a happy and healthy life. Well, we disagree. We believe that happy and healthy kiddos and families begin with happy and healthy parents and people.

So, if you are looking for a sign to take care of your health, this is it. If you are the healthiest version of yourself just imagine the impact you can make on others around you.

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