Don’t Just Work Hard, Reward Harder!

How to Design an Effective Reward System

How does the promise of a juicy steak at the end of a grueling hike sound? Or the thought of sinking into a hot bath after a long day at work? Exciting, isn’t it? That, my fellow fitness fanatics, is the power of a well-deserved reward.

What Makes a Good Reward?

Now, before you start throwing a party every time you do ten push-ups, it’s essential to understand that not all rewards are created equal. I mean, as much as I’d love a three-tier chocolate cake for hitting my daily step count, that’s not exactly conducive to my overall fitness goals. And I don’t think my waistline would appreciate it either. So, how do we go about creating an effective reward system?

The rule of thumb is simple: a good reward should be enjoyable and aligned with your overall fitness goals.

Think about the things you enjoy that also contribute positively to your overall health and well-being. This might be a new book, a round of golf, a day at the spa, or even just an afternoon off to spend time with your kids. The key is finding something that brings you joy without sabotaging your fitness efforts.

Aligning Rewards with Goals

The reward system isn’t just about what you reward yourself with, it’s also about when. The timing and scale of your rewards should align with your goals.

  • For daily or weekly goals, think small but satisfying rewards. This could be something as simple as an extra half hour of TV, a favorite healthy snack, or even just a little extra me-time.
  • For monthly goals, the stakes are higher and so should be the rewards. This is where you bring out the big guns. Maybe it’s a new set of weights, a fancy new fitness tracker, or a day trip with your family.
  • For your major, long-term goals, think extravagant. This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the crown jewel of your fitness journey. Maybe it’s a dream vacation, a major tech gadget, or that expensive watch you’ve been eyeing for months.

Remember, these are just ideas. The best rewards are personal and specific to you. They should reflect your interests, hobbies, and desires.


Creating a reward system is about making fitness enjoyable and sustainable. It’s about transforming the journey from a grueling grind to an exciting adventure.

In the end, the rewards are just an added bonus. The real reward is the progress you make, the goals you achieve, and the healthier, happier person you become.

So, dads, let’s get our workout gear on and start rewarding ourselves for all the hard work. And remember, the journey to fitness isn’t just about working hard. It’s about rewarding harder!

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