Do the Hard Thing

We are naturally lazy, its coded into us. Energy expenditure was quite concerning for humans for hundreds of thousands of years, food was scarce and usually required work to obtain. Because of this when faced with going outside of your comfort zone, in the literal sense, we typically struggle. It’s hard. 100 years ago compared to today life was hard. Life will continue I believe to be surprisingly easier, making our own personal choices for adversity that much more important. If you want to change, or grow, or experience something new it will always be hard, but the good news is it can be your choice. I’ll spare you the motivational “choose your hard” campaign but in this easy life I allude to, adversity will occur regardless; however, if you’re prepared for it you have better odds of overcoming the adversity. Most of the below can be applied to any aspect of your life, but for now let’s stick to fitness and how doing the “hard thing” isn’t always what you think it is.  

The first few times you enter a group fitness class its dizzying – lots of new people doing weird movements that everyone is oddly comfortable doing. After a few weeks, you get the hang of it and you start to understand what true full body soreness is. During this time just showing us is the “hard thing”. It takes a ton of willpower and courage in the beginning to not only get started but keep going. If you can make it past that initial 2-3 months, you’ll see results and start to develop new goals to express your newfound capabilities. This is when the “hard thing” begins to change. Maybe you want to continue to lose weight or inches, but you have stalled out over the past few weeks. It is time to look at your diet. Beginning as a functional fitness athlete weight loss can come easy, but at a certain point it begins to plateau and switching to primarily whole unprocessed foods or even counting calories becomes the new challenge. The new “hard thing”. This could apply to any new goal such as, get a pull-up, squat more weight, bike faster, etc. Showing up and putting in the work is now an established habit and no longer enough to continue growth. So we now address the weakness and find a way to habituate turning it into a strength. 

Between the coaches at Dissent Athletics we have an LPC, CFL2, 4-CFL1’s, CPT, USA-WL, or in other words enough tools in the toolbox to help you achieve whatever goal you’re striving for. Between our group functional fitness classes, Spartan DEKA classes, and weightlifting, we have a community for you to jump into. Our back-gym area is perfect for achieving your goals quickly with personal training, or even personalized programming alongside our classes. Decide what your “hard” is and let us help you on the path of making it easy, or at least easier.

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