DEKA MILE: Top 5 Tips for your race

Bobby pushing the Tank in the DEKA MILE

Whether this is your first race or your 1000th, the DEKA MILE Spartan race is one of the most approachable. You are inside an air conditioned gym while completing your zones and run a little outside. We are right off of Interstate 20 and Business 287 in the big red barn.  You may get a few waves while you are crushing your race!  If you are looking for a fun race to do with your friends, then this race is definitely for you!

The DEKA MILE consists of 10 zones with a 160 meter run before each zone. This race usually takes people anywhere from 20-35 minutes.

Register for March 26th at Dissent Athletics in Fort Worth before we sell out!

Here are a few tips on how to strategize the Dissent Athletics DEKA MILE:

  1. Practice the movements

You do not have to have all of the equipment in order to practice! Body weight lunges, sit ups, burpees, and adding some running will all be helpful in your conditioning leading up to the race. Want to get your hands on a Spartan Ram or the Tank? You are in luck! Email to set up your appointment!

  1. Recover on the run

This may sound silly. WHAT?! Recover on the run??? I thought the same thing before my first DEKA FIT race but it is true. You want to push hard in the zones inside and stride out those runs. Take controlled breaths while running and get ready to hit the zone when you get back. Counting your inhales and exhales does the trick!

  1. Race with a friend

At Dissent Athletics we will be running 2 people at a time! This is a perfect chance to workout with a friend that will push you to do one more rep or run just a little faster. At the end, one of you will get bragging rights.

  1. Fuel your body

A nervous stomach before a race is 100% NORMAL but a nervous and empty stomach can be avoided. Eat something before you race. Eat some helpful carbs like a banana, oats, or some rice cakes. These are easy to digest and will help fuel your race.


Is this a competition? Yes, but you are competing against yourself. If you show up and put your best effort out there, then you have won!

Barbara getting celebrated by friends after her race

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