Benefits of a fitness tracker

Details of data

I wear a fitness tracker, I track my food, I read my labels, I follow a pretty strict schedule. I am a BIG fan of data. I am also someone who has a moderate level of anxiety most of the time. How this presents seems goal oriented, regimented, and productively focused. From the outside these are desirable traits. Who doesn’t want to be able to follow a routine and reach their goals? 

There is another side to it. You may not see what happens when something throws off the plan. Over the past 2 weeks, we have been in the process of cleaning and selling our house while trying to find a new home in Fort Worth. We are doing this while running Dissent Athletics,  seeing my full time caseload as a therapist, hosting events, and staying at a friend’s house. It is safe to safe my schedule is thrown off. Tracking my food, wearing my fitness tracker, and sticking to my pretty strict schedule is not going to happen this week. It is too much to keep all of these other plates spinning while also checking in on these other items. 

Change of plans

I feel anxious when too much out of the ordinary is happening. Thoughts tend to look like this. “Am I eating enough protein? Did I push hard enough in my workout? How much sleep did I actually get last night? Was there sugar in that? Are all my clients okay? Is everything at the gym running smoothly? Which class needed covered again? What time was the event?”

My head can sometimes be a chaotic place to be. 

How do I combat this? 

Sometimes I let my fitness tracker die

I stop tracking my food for a few days. I sleep when I am tired. I focus on one thing at a time. All of the data provides me with helpful information but if I am not in a headspace to accept and use that information as helpful, then it’s not worth it. Finding the balance of what is helpful and what is detrimental is what can get you through the hard parts of your health and fitness journey. 

I remind myself even though I am not tracking, I am eating the foods that fall within my meal plan. I can physically feel if I need to do active recovery or push harder in a workout. I am still sleeping around 6-7 hours per night. No, there wasn’t sugar in that because I have read the label before. My therapy clients are in charge of their own lives. The gym is fine. The class is covered. The event doesn’t need my help to run smoothly.

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Different things work for different people. Let us know what works for you when you are stressed out. If you aren’t sure where to start, just let your fitness tracker die and book a free intro here to talk with one of our coaches.

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