August Member Spotlight – Katina Gillespie

We are proud to announce Katina Gillespie as our August Member Spotlight! Tina joined a little over a year ago and is one of our most consistent members always showing up and crushing the 5am classes.

What made you want to begin your fitness journey at Dissent Athletics?
Tina: I’ve been working out consistently for the past 10 years. My previous gym closed due to the pandemic so I searched and dropped in on a few of your classes. Everyone was so nice and inviting! I’ve been here since then.

Tell us a little about your family!
Tina: Welllll I’m almost an empty nester! I have two sons- 21 year old and an almost 18 year old. I grew up in Arkansas and have a large family. We love cooking and board games.

What do your do for work?
Tina: I’m a Training Coordinator with Federal Probation. It’s an exciting job and the reason I moved here from San Diego.

What about in your free-time?
I love working out and I’ve been trying to focus on mobility a little more.  I also love reading, movies and napping.

Do you have any current goals in the gym? Anything you’ve already achieved or didn’t think was possible in the beginning?
Tina: I would love to get 1 HSPU. Just 1. I’d be happy with that! I’d also really like to focus more attention on nutrition because THAT is harder than cardio… for me.

I bet we can help you with those!

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