Are Deadlifts bad for tall people’s backs?

The answer to this question is: it depends. 

Being 5’ 11” I am taller than most women. I also have longer legs than most people which makes my deadlift look a little different than others. But regardless of how tall you are, there will always be a need to pick items up off the ground which equals a deadlift. Knowing how to pick items or kids off the ground in a way that will not have you using your lower back is of the most importance. We want to activate our huge leg muscles to push through the floor and keep our shoulders pulled back and down to brace our core for lift off. If you are able to keep this form, then no, deadlifts are not bad for tall people’s backs.

So when is the answer yes?

If a tall person does not have correct form or the weight on the bar is too heavy to maintain a braced core, then yes, it can be extremely harmful. 

There is a key element that comes into play between this answer being a resounding yes or no and that is coaching. Having a knowledgeable professional watch your form from using a PVC pipe all the way up to your max deadlift allows you to remain safe during this movement!

Would you like to learn more about deadlifts? Want to find out if you’re deadlift form is safe? Maybe you’d like to learn more about why we deadlift, how it applies to life, and how it applies to the Olympic Lifts? Let us know by clicking the link below and scheduling an appointment with one of our certified fitness coaches. 

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