All About That Squat: Mobility Workshop

Coach Lindsay at the Cowtown Showdown

Squats. The most functional of all the movements. You may look at the picture above and see a strong lady lifting heavy and think, “NO WAY. That is not for me”. And you may be right… Kind of…. We actually think part of this IS for you.

Sitting down and standing up

How many times a day do you go from standing to sitting to standing to sitting? Running through my morning routine I can think about 10 and that is all before my first cup of coffee! One of the biggest things that helps people remain independent later into life is their ability to stand up from sitting. That is a squat!! You don’t even have to be lifting heavy weights! Squats are for everyone.

Coach Melissa getting ready to compete at the Cowtown Showdown

The movement you see in the picture above (Coach Melissa sitting) is what we are doing 100’s of times per day. We sit to eat, drive, work, use the restroom, watch TV, and so so much more. But sometimes mobility can get in the way.

Mobility issues

  • Bad knees
  • Hurt lower back
  • Ankle instability
  • Tight hips

It is time to take control of these issues and see what can be done!

Squat Mobility Workshop

This Thursday at 6pm, Dissent Athletics will be teaming up with Devin from Imagine Performance Therapy to tackle your squat mobility issues! This is a 60 minute group session with a physical therapist on how to help you sit down and stand up or learn a few tricks on how to add more weight onto your back squat. Either way, all skill levels and abilities are welcome! Bring some closed toed shoes and your workout gear and get ready to learn. Sign up here

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