4 years, anxiety, and 66 pounds later

Meet Miranda

Miranda has 4 kids, works overnights at a warehouse, and still finds time for her health and wellness. She has been a member for 4 years consistently and has seen the benefits ramp up as she took on nutrition coaching with Coach Jonathan.

What keeps Miranda motivated?

When talking to Miranda about motivation she spoke about getting to see our awesome gym dogs every day but also gains encouragement from the community around her. There are days she doesn’t want to come to the gym and has reasons not to, but remains as involved as she can. Miranda is also one of the leaders of our Dissent Ruck Club! (Ruck workout this Saturday August 6th at 9:30am!) Join our Dissent Ruck Club Facebook group here and follow them @dissentathletics on Instagram.

What was it like first getting started?

In the beginning, Miranda struggled with anxiety being around new people and talks about even crying on the first day. One great thing about Dissent Athletics is the environment. If you cry, that’s okay! We are here to help push you through those difficult days and be a safe haven from your daily life. When Miranda started she had never ran or even touched a barbell!

What’s your advice for those thinking about starting?

“Go for it. Just do it. Even if you’re unsure come in and do the orientation with Ashley. Just do it. When I first started I was 285 at Planet Fitness. No idea what I was doing there either, you know what I mean? Kind of winging it with the videos I saw on the internet of someone else posting. So, I didn’t think coming into here. I’m out of shape, I’ve never lifted a barbell, never ran in my entire life unless someone was chasing me. First day here my anxiety was through the roof. I was terrified. Didn’t like meeting new people because my anxiety wouldn’t let me. It was my first day here and everyone was just so welcoming. From the orientation to everybody here, they just made me feel welcome. And I cried my first day! I did, I’m not gonna lie, I cried. I was ready to just walk out the door and go. Four years later, I’m still here”

Does this sound like you?

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