3 Reasons you need a fitness coach

Once a quarter we do Goal Reviews in the gym. It’s a chance for us to sit down with all of our athletes and find out what progress they’ve made on their goals, any new goals they may have, and how we can help them more. We love Goal Reviews! It’s typically hard to talk with everyone on a deep level the few minutes before or after class. During our scheduled Goal Reviews, many items come up and it’s very cool to have this time with so many awesome people.

Anyway, what this brings up usually for me is the lifecycle of someone starting their health and fitness journey. You notice certain things in the 0-6 month time period, the 6 month to about 2 year point, and then those who commit and have made it more than 2 years. Let’s dig into that a little. 

Starting the Journey

Personally coaching for me is a tool to ease my mind a bit. Whether in fitness, or business or finances, having someone to help you stay on the path takes away a lot of anxiety. I, like most, have a pretty good idea of where I want to go and the coach is there to guide me a long and through any obstacles that may appear. At Dissent that looks like having someone to reassure you 5 weeks into your membership that this is when it starts to get tough. It could look like the Nutrition Coach making you eat more food in a day so that the 2-3 binges that happen in a week will likely stop. Having people on team YOU is never a bad idea. 

Conflicting information

One of the top things I hear from people, as far as health, is how to navigate the endless amount of conflicting information in diet and nutrition. A fitness coach will help you untangle the mess. My best statement to that is you are watching competing businesses – basically smear campaigns against the other team. I know that seems crazy but any “product” you can be sold can also be manipulated. So how do you defeat this? Easy, eat real food. Eat meat, veggies, fruits, and you’ll be just fine. If you can hunt, gather, or grow it eat it and avoid processed foods – nothing will ever disprove that. 


The second item everyone from the beginner to the seasoned vet needs is accountability. I personally love working out – if I didn’t have to work I would spend 8 hours a day working out. I’m not the norm. Ask some of our longest term members and they’ll tell you they don’t like working out! But they know it is helpful and our gym provides the right tools to keep you coming in the door. We make it fun and we check in on our people. It’s way easier to go to the gym when you know you’ll see some friends than to be going alone. Knowing that a fitness coach will be there to guide you through it and remove any guesswork from your end makes it easy to show up when you’ve had a bad day at work. 


Lastly, a fitness coach provides a roadmap. You need someone who has walked the walk and not just read a book or two about the thing. They will help you with goal setting, they will be there to catch you when the initial PR’s and Gains become more sporadic, they’ll help removing obstacles like what to do when traveling, sick, etc. I live a fitness life, not a business or financial one so I don’t do that stuff on my own. I have a business coach, we have a financial advisor, they help me navigate the twists and turns and I trust them because I know it’s what they do with their life. They’re giving me a roadmap over the next months, years, decades. You should have a health and fitness plan just the same. Let someone help you with it! Click here to get started!

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