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“This is not the type of gym where you go workout and go home. It’s more than that. Here at Dissent Athletics you get to feel welcome every single day. They help you achieve your endurance, strength, and even your mental game. As for me being part of this community it has helped me alot in many ways. Thanks to their program I have over achieved my expectations of the ability to push my workouts to the limit. FYI the coaches are amazing”


“Walking into a gym was nothing new to me when I first walked into Dissent- but walking into a CrossFit style gym was a first, and I definitely had some preconceived ideas of the type of people that go to a gym full of climbing ropes, sleds, and barbells for days. When I called to ask about membership prices, I got a voicemail and hung up immediately thinking this was my excuse out of trying something new and uncomfortable- but true to his style, Jonathan called me back within seconds to say he was sorry he missed my call and asked how he could help. After an encouraging chat I showed up for a trial class the next Monday, and have called this place home for over a year now. You won’t find a more supportive, inclusive, welcoming, fun, and encouraging environment anywhere. To call Jonathan and Kelsey kind, humble, and caring would be a terrible understatement- they truly are the most remarkable people and it creates a gym culture unlike any other. No gym bros to be found here, just a bunch of great people who want to be a little bit better everyday, and have a hell of a time doing it. Whether it’s weightlifting classes, DEKA prep, group classes, Ruck Club, or in-house competitions, there’s something for everyone, no matter your skill level or goals. If you want a place where coaches invest in you, provide compassionate coaching to support your goals, and never make you feel guilty for missing a day or two, this is your community. And if that’s not enough to convince you, their three dogs roam the gym and enjoy any pets you’re willing to give.”


“The biggest challenge with nutrition was not having accountability. Staying consistent was very hard. Knowing that someone was checking on me each week and even each day sometimes helped me commit to my nutrition goals. I had lost 5-6 pounds at first but then I got pregnant :) and this has been very helpful to me while being pregnant to keep me on track from not gaining too much weight and making sure I am eating the right things to stay healthy. Last pregnancy I gained 50 pounds and it was very hard afterwards to lose the weight. This time it has been very helpful to have accountability to stick with my goals and someone to encourage and push me.
Accountability is key. Sticking to a nutrition plan without someone to help you track progress and encourage you is very very hard. Why not try it, you have nothing to lose. I have never regretted having a nutrition coach, it has only been beneficial to me.”


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